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The Fair, Cost-Efficient, Fast and Secure Way to Resolve Disputes




Our Vision and Our Tech

The Problem:

Court and arbitration systems available today are slow and expensive.

The Solution:

RESOLVE provides a fair, cost-efficient, fast and secure alternative mechanism for the binding resolution of disputes.               

By increasing fairness and speed, while decreasing the cost of justice,  RESOLVE will create enormous savings of time and resources for the global economy, and promote equal access to justice.

Revolutionary Features:

Fairness and True P2P Justice

The underlying concept of our judicial system is that parties receive fair resolutions of disputes through the judgment of peers (jurors) or experts (judges/arbitrators). A jury of peers is hypothetically a wonderful system, but it’s expensive and difficult to achieve in the brick and mortar world. RESOLVE uses a revolutionary convergence of procedural protocol and the Blockchain to achieve the fairness of the theoretical “jury of peers.” Instead of underfunded, backlogged courts relying on jurors who would rather be doing something else, RESOLVE has created a network of peer "Resolvers" who are excellent at what they do, and well compensated for their diligence. In this manner, RESOLVE provides the fairness of a P2P juror/expert dispute resolution system, with the analytical power of verifiable and programmable redundancy.

Human Presence

RESOLVE is not a fully automated system. Expert human intervention is constantly monitoring the process and ready to dialogue with users. Artificial Intelligence and other tools are used to streamline and organize decision nodes, but all decisions are monitored by human Resolvers with the oversight of case administrators.

Dynamic Real World Interface

At the heart of RESOLVE are the proprietary algorithms and protocols of the Dynamic Real World Interface (DRWI) that allow the conflict resolution mechanism to proceed along automated channels until the DRWI is triggered by the need for human intervention.

Open Access

Any individual or company with a conflict can use RESOLVE as a resource. Like existing systems of arbitration and mediation, RESOLVE is an opt-in mechanism where the Parties must agree to be bound by the result. Parties will generally have common interests (cost, fairness, speed, etc.) to prefer RESOLVE over traditional courts/arbitration. RESOLVE provides a win/win environment for the maximization of shared synergies within a streamlined and unbiased forum.


One of RESOLVE’s key elements is that it’s 100% customizable, and therefore completely adaptable to any conflict. For example, routine repetitive conflicts that don’t require a real world interface (online sales) can be handled with huge efficiency and consistency by smart contracts and functional algorithms. On the opposite end of the complexity spectrum, conflicts with multiple parties and large sums at stake can be attributed a custom procedure designed to best resolve the dispute in question. As Grandma said: “You don’t drive a cement mixer to a polo match.”


RESOLVE streamlines the dispute to such a degree that the time from submission to resolution is no longer a function of the system, but rather the time needed for each litigant to process the presentation of its case.


With the present system, juries can be tampered with and judges/arbitrators can be bribed. RESOLVE prevents parties from having any potential interaction with Resolvers since all identifying information is redacted, and RESOLVE protocol maintains encrypted anonymity between Resolvers and Parties.

Security and Privacy

With the present system of courts and arbitration, most information is publicly available and even information that is supposed to be kept confidential can be accessed. With RESOLVE, all sensitive material is redacted and managed with appropriate side chains, so that the process remains confidential, unanimous and encrypted.

Affordability and Democratization

Our entire community benefits from a justice system that is fair, fast and affordable. Indigent litigants will receive pro bono assistance in order to participate fully.  “… And justice for all.”

Our Vision and Our Tech

The vision of RESOLVE is to provide a fair, fast, affordable and secure mechanism to resolve disputes, as an alternative to existing court/arbitration systems. It's what we like to think of as: "Equal Justice for All."


Managing conflict is difficult, and RESOLVE’s success is rooted in our proprietary real world dynamic interface between legal and tech.


Legal:  RESOLVE benefits from the combined experience of an elite network of judges, legal experts, technical experts and arbitrators. The founder, Demosthenes (Demos) Armeniades is a leader and innovator in the field of international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. After Harvard Law, he ran a law firm headquartered in Paris specializing in resolving international disputes.

Tech:  as discussed in greater detail in our White Paper, our platform is among the most sophisticated and advanced in this emerging Blockchain space, and our tech team is stellar.

Frequently Asked Questions

If litigants agree to resolve their dispute with RESOLVE, can the result be challenged in the courts?

By agreeing to the RESOLVE Rules, as in all arbitrations, Parties agree to be bound by and waive rights to challenge the result except for specific extreme cases such as fraud. Thus a result from RESOLVE has the same binding legal finality and enforceability as any traditional arbitration pursuant to applicable local and federal laws.

Can RESOLVE be used in an ongoing complicated court case?

Yes. At any point in any conflict Parties can decide to save time and resources by stopping the ongoing litigation and transferring the conflict to RESOLVE.

Can RESOLVE be used for a divorce?
Can RESOLVE be used for a divorce?

RESOLVE is well suited to family law where parties generally seek speed, privacy and fairness.

How is a RESOLVE case started?

Any Party to a dispute can file a claim with RESOLVE. The claim is reviewed by a RESOLVE intake team and the Parties to the dispute are guided through customizing the subsequent procedures according the the RESOLVE Rules (scheduling, form of submissions, etc.)

Can RESOLVE be helpful in small disputes?

RESOLVE can produce huge efficiencies when dealing with repetitive disputes (eg. online sales).

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